Daily Drill #1

  • Wednesday, 27 Apr 2022

  • ANU Drill Hall Gallery

    Kingsley Street, Acton ACT 2601

In collaboration with the ANU Drill Hall Gallery

The Daily Drill – a free lunch time concert with Ronan Apcar, on piano, and Emma Warburton, on flute.


  1. Beside the Stream by Miriam Hyde (3′)
  2. Wedding Morn by Miriam Hyde (4′)
  3. Conversation for Piano by Dulcie Holland (8′) piano solo
    – I. Reflective
    – II. Emphatic
  4. Thoughts Before Bed by Ronan Apcar (5′)
  5. …after a while only the green of the grass is left by Ben Hoadley (5′) flute solo
  6. Status Quo by Sally Whitwell (3′) piano solo (w/ toy piano)
  7. Sunday Morning by Ian Clarke (4′)
  8. phoSpheric Variations by Paul Stanhope (4′)

ARTIST Learn more about the artist

Artist Ronan Apcar


Ronan Apcar is a pianist and composer quickly garnering a reputation of versatility, edge, and tenacity. Unafraid to experiment and challenge norms, his experience and fluency across all kinds of music – jazz to the avant-garde, classical to house music – translates into his exciting work as a musician. Described as “a talent far beyond his age” (Limelight Magazine) and a nominee for the prestigious Freedman Fellowship, Ronan is best known for his work in contemporary and new music – particularly by Australian composers. He has performed in concerts, festivals, and both intimate and large-scale venues across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and regional NSW, and his debut album, Dulcie Holland Crescent, was one of the ABC’s featured albums.

Ronan currently studies at the Australian National Academy of Music under Timothy Young.

Emma Warburton


Emma is a recent Honours graduate of the ANU School of Music where she studied modern flute, piccolo and Baroque flute with Sally Walker under the Ken and Vera Fowler Honours Scholarship, the CASS Honours Scholarship, and was the recipient of the Friends Bernhard Neumann Memorial Prize. Emma is a member of the newly formed CSO Kingsland Collective, was Principal Flute with the ANU Orchestra and Canberra Youth Orchestra and has won positions with the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra National Academy 2021/2022. Emma has also enjoyed collaborating with and premiering works by rising Australian pianist and composer, Ronan Apcar: Thoughts Before Bed (2019), We Can’t Keep Australia Under the Doona (2020) and Cogs (2021). In addition to performance, Emma is also a trained BodyMinded Practitioner (Alexander Technique) and has won a position in the prestigious Australian Youth Orchestra Orchestral Management Program 2022.