B2 French for Breakfast #2

  • Tuesday, 2 May 2023

  • Juliet Room, Verity Lane Market

    Sydney Building, 50 Northbourne Ave, ACT 2601

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Start your day in style with a delicious breakfast and exquisite French music played by your favourite festival artists. Bon appétit!

Harpsichordist Donald Nicolson, a specialist in the music of 17th-century France, performs the music of Louis Couperin, father of the famous François.  The concert is followed by a conversation with the artist led by Genevieve Jacobs.



Louis Couperin (ca.1626-1661), Suite in D minor


Elizabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729), Suite in A minor


Louis Couperin, Suite in C

Grande Passacaille



Donald Nicolson, harpsichord


This concert is supported by Marlena Jeffery

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Artist Donald Nicolson


Listed among Australia’s best classical performers by the ABC in 2019, harpsichordist, organist and pianist Donald Nicolson is a prominent figure in performance and research of the music of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe, and in high demand as a keyboardist, composer, and arranger.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Donald commenced harpsichord studies with Douglas Mews at Victoria University, and subsequently at the Royal Conservatorium, The Hague with early music legend Ton Koopman. There he focussed on the performance of sixteenth-century English virginal music and the seventeenth-century French clavecin school.

Donald graduated with a PhD in Musicology at the University of Melbourne in 2018, submitting a thesis that focussed on the relationship between seventeenth-century French social history and the keyboard preludes of Louis Couperin. An avid reader of the classics and ancient rhetoric Donald teaches historically-informed performance practice at the University of Melbourne, and gives regular talks and lectures on music and history.