Are you thinking of planning a trip across the Tasman?

For the 2022 Canberra International Music Festival, some of New Zealand’s greatest artists are crossing the Tasman in our direction. The New Zealand String Quartet, now with Australian violinist Monique Lapins firmly established in its line-up, makes a welcome return to Canberra.  As one of the great quartets in the Southern Hemisphere with an international pedigree, the group will be here to demonstrate its classic credentials as well as their own New Zealand repertoire. Look out for their Haydn, Shostakovich and, in particular, the Amy Beech Piano Quintet; they are presenting together with our very own Edward Neeman.

The New Zealand String Quartet will be performing in five concerts in the 2022 Program.

The wonderful baritone James Ioelu joins our dream cast of Haydn’s Creation at the Festival’s opening, while Naoto Segawa, a true marimba specialist, will be seen and heard in different settings around town.

Horomona Horo, one of New Zealand’s most prominent Maori artists and a taonga pūoro specialist, will also be seen for the first time at the Festival. Taonga pūoro are the traditional instruments of the Māori people of New Zealand, with instruments ranging from flutes in all sizes, conch shells, to drums and much more. Each instrument carries a specific cultural meaning, since “the Gods sang the Universe into Existence”.

Musician, performer and teacher Horomona Horo speaks about his journey to discovering taonga pūoro and te ao Māori.

“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa i te toa takitin”

“My strength is not strength as an individual, but, is the strength of many”

The Festival wishes to acknowledge the support of the New Zealand High Commission and High Commissioner, Dame Annette King, in facilitating this unprecedented range of original New Zealand work presented.

Kia ora koutou, we’re pleased to partner with the Canberra International Music Festival and greatly anticipate welcoming seven talented Kiwi musicians to Canberra. New Zealand will have a diverse range of internationally acclaimed artists performing, from taonga pūoro specialist Horomona Horo, to percussionist Naoto Segawa, baritone James Ioelu and the New Zealand String Quartet – our premier chamber music ensemble. We can’t wait to share their unique gifts with our Australian friends, during several events, including the much anticipated Kia ora Kiwi concert where all the NZ musicians will perform. We hope you enjoy the Festival and we look forward to seeing you there!

– Dame Annette King, New Zealand High Commissioner