Belgian pianist Bram De Looze is one of those musicians who is always on the lookout for new options, detours and possibilities to expand his art. His solo career began in a surprising way with ‘Piano e forte‘ (2016), a project for which he approached historical instruments from a contemporary perspective. The switch to Chris Maene’s Straight Strung Grand Piano (created by Daniel Barenboim) for ‘Switch The Stream‘ (2018) indicated a renewed search for movement, evolution and introspection. With ‘Colour Talk‘ (2020), he continued this solo trajectory on an already revolutionary piano model, again seeking innovation from within.

His latest solo album ‘Spotting Gateways‘ (2024) is built around an eternal challenge and personal aim while creating music: daring to keep the music open enough in the moment itself and stay close and connect to the higher potential it can offer. Bram De Looze’s 4th solo album will be out January 19 on the Dutch label Dox Records.

Photo credit: Jan van Hecke

Bram’s Australian tour has been generously supported by “Flanders state of the art”.