All photos by Peter Hislop.

Daily Drill #1

Performed by Ronan Apcar and Emma Warburton.
27 April, 2022 – ANU Drill Hall Gallery.

Daily Drill #2

Performed by Jeremy Sun.
28 April, 2022 – ANU Drill Hall Gallery.

Tree of Life

Performed by Eric Avery, Horomona Horo, Louise Devenish, Kaylie Melville, Solomon Frank, Niki Johnson, Gelareh Pour, Theo Carbo, Levente Szabo.  
29 April 2022 – Australian National Botanic Gardens.

The Creation

Performed by the Australian Haydn Ensemble, Sydney Chamber Choir and soloists Alexandra Oomens, Andrew Goodwin and James Ioelu.
29 & 30 April 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

SIEV X Memorial Ceremony

Performed by Roland Peelman AM, Alexandra Oomens, Alma Moodie Quartet, Anchuli Felicia King, Andrew Goodwin, Anna McMichael, Alice Giles, Australian Dance Party, Australian Haydn Ensemble, Ben Ward.
29 April, 2022 – SIEV X Memorial Park.

Death and the Maiden

Performed by Chad Kelly and Alma Moodie Quartet.
30 April, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

A Hidden World

Performed by Gelareh Pour with Rubiks Collective: Kaylie Melville, Jacob Abela, Hamish Gullick, and Anchuli Felicia King.
1 May, 2022 – Fairfax Theatre.

Kia Ora Kiwi

Performed by Horomona Horo and New Zealand String Quartet.
1 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Ears Up – A Concert for Dogs

Performed by Niki Johnson and Solomon Frank.
30 April, 2022 – Haig Park

Haydn for Breakfast #1

Performed by Orava String Quartet.
2 May, 2022 – National Portrait Gallery.

Nishi Up Close

Performed by Anna McMichael, Gelareh Pour, Jason Noble, Naoto Segawa and Theo Carbo.
2 May, 2022 – New Acton Precinct.

The B Factor

Performed by Edward and Stephanie Neeman, Alma Moodie Quartet and New Zealand String Quartet.
2 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Haydn for Breakfast #2

Performed by Alma Moodie Quartet.
3 May, 2022 – Albert Hall.

The Great Divide

Performed by Luminescence Chamber Singers, Orava String Quartet and Jason Noble.
3 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Haydn for Breakfast #3

Performed by New Zealand String Quartet.
4 May, 2022 – Pialligo Estate.

La Polonaise – A Polish Gala Concert

Performed by Lucas Krupinski and Orava String Quartet.
4 May , 2022 – Fritters’ Workshop.

Birds In Paradise

Performed by Edward Neeman, Anna McMichael and birds across the world.
5 May, 2022 – Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

Coming Together

Performed by Flinders Quartet, Dimity Shepherd, Richard Piper, Ike(from)Pluto, Theo Carbo, Flora Carbo, Ben Ward, Niki Johnson, Jacob Abela.
5 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Fyshwick Follies

Performed by Australian Dance Party, Ben Ward, Jacob Abela, Jason Noble, Monique Lapins, New Zealand String Quartet, Niki Johnson, Sally Walker and Solomon Frank.
6 May, 2022 – Dairy Road Precinct.

An English Lark

Performed by Andrew Goodwin, Lukas Krupinski, Kristian Winther, Jason Noble, Sally Walker, Flora Carbo, Ruben Palma, Naoto Segawa, with Jonathan Biggins as Dame Edith Sitwell.
6 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Life On Land’s Edge

Performed by Bowerbird Collective: Simone Slattery and Anthony Albrecht.
7 May, 2022 – Fairfax Theatre, National Gallery of Australia.

The Bundian Way

Performed by Eric Avery, Anna McMichael, Ben Ward, Jason Noble, Louise Devenish and John Blay.
7 & 8 May, 2022 – Kambri Cultural Centre.

Choral Opposites

Performed by Matthew Doyle, Sally Walker, Kompactus Youth Choir directed by Olivia Swift, Luminescence Chamber Singers directed by AJ America, Oriana Chorale directed by Dan Walker and Combined choirs directed by Roland Peelman.
7 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.


Performed by Lucas Krupinski and James Ioelu.
8 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.

Blue Poles

Performed by Alma Moodie Quartet and Matthew Doyle.
8 May, 2022 Fairfax Theatre, National Gallery of Australia.

The Last Mile

Performed by Australian Haydn Ensemble, Sally Walker, Jason Noble, Naoto Segawa, Ben Ward, New Zealand String Quartet, Edward and Stephanie Neeman and Jonathan Biggins.
8 May, 2022 – Fitters’ Workshop.